AB-Solution Manual

AB-Solution offers many services when installed and is packed full of features to manage ad-blocking, logging, the statistics functions and related settings.
It can even send an email when a new version of AsusWRT-Merlin is available.

This manual covers most aspects of what the AB-Solution menu options do. Please understand that not every detail is described here. The inline description in the AB-Solution UI may offer more detailed explanations what the option does.

Installing AB-Solution

Requirements and Installation are covered in the Install section.
See also the Complete AB-Solution install explained part for a detailed step by step description of a new AB-Solution installation.

Updating AB-Solution to the latest version is as simple as entering cu into the UI. More options how to update are in the Updating AB-Solution section.

Starting AB-Solution

The options how to start the AB-Solution UI after installation is covered in the Starting AB-Solution section.

The starting procedure is explained in the Startup section.

AB-Solution menu header

The menu header contains info's about the router and ad blocking.

AB-Solution main menu

Options on the main menu screen are explained in the Main menu section.

AB-Solution sub menu

Options on the sub menu screen are explained in the Sub menu section.