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On the right is a screenshot of a fresh install. No ads are counted yet.

The router model, the processor type, the firmware version and the router LAN IP address is on the third row.
IPv6 is shown when the service is enabled.

374,681 domains are blocked in the blocking file and blacklist. The blocking file is amalgamated from 6 hosts files.
The blocking file settings are in the b option.

The "(no ads counted yet, stats not available)" is shown when no ads are counted yet. This is typical for a new install.

After a while of usage, the ads count will show up when the UI is started or the ac ads counter is run manually.

171,412 t  ads (hosts/domains) were blocked in total
35,231 w  ads were blocked this week (update day to next update day)
161 n   new ads were blocked since the last count

AB-Solution counts the ads and rotates the log files every day at 5:20 in the morning. This is to ensure the active log file does not get too large, as there is no built in log rotation option in the Asuswrt-Merlin firmware. Three log files are kept in the /logs/ directory: dnsmasq.log, dnsmasq.log1 and dnsmasq.log2. They all are used for the weekly and current stats functions.