AB-Solution 3.9.1 released

October 05 2017
The addon pixelserv-tls.add v3.9.2 is now available, use cu to update.

Sets owner of certificate directory to 'nobody', required for pixelserv-tls v35.HZ12.Kk.
Removes -z switch option to set custom certificate directory, setting this would cause problems, no one ever used that switch anyway.

To update to the latest pixelserv-tls version use ps option '6. Manage Entware packages' after this addon update.
If pixelserv-tls already is updated to the latest version, disable and then enable ad-blocking a to set the owner rights of the certificate directory.

September 27 2017
Support for the new Asuswrt-Merlin 382.x branch is now added to the main script ab-solution.sh and to the two addon files that check uname -m: pixelserv-tls.add* and update-hosts.add.
No version change, just run the install command to install it on your brand new Asus RT-AC86U router.
*) Support in the pixelserv-tls.add is removed as Entware cannot be installed through the addon at the moment.

September 04 2017
The addon log-stats.add v3.9.1 is now available, use cu to update

This fixes a bug where the current stats does not include the email config file when router stats to email is not enabled.

August 09 2017

AB-Solution 3.9.1 is now available, use cu to update

ab-solution.sh, functions.add and pixelserv-tls.add:
Support added for access restrictions in firmware 380.66 and later, set in:
Administration > System / Allow only specified IP address.
This allows AB-Solution to do the pixelserv-tls tests during installation and start-up.
The LTS fork by @john9527 is not affected by these Asus changes.

This change auto-adds the necessary access restriction rule when installing pixelserv-tls when Access restriction is enabled.


August 04 2017
Release update-hosts.add v3.9.1.
I have removed the legacy code in update-hosts.add for scripts not supporting the new shared-*-whitelist.
This also means any user using the now obsolete code from the former member @swetoast will no longer have it's domains whitelisted.
This is a version change, use cu to update. This also triggers the brand new update notification if you have it enabled. It will notify you when it runs next time.


July 22 2017
This version introduces new features and functions.

What's new in version 3.9

  • bu new main menu option. Sends a backup of selected files by email. File selection includes a custom option
  • un new main menu option. Sends an email when AB-Solution updates are available. By default disabled
  • rc now includes checks for common other scripts in use (ipset, firewall)
  • cu now shows what's new when new version(s) are available
  • changed all cron job names to be in the format AB_JobName
  • custom files are now moved to the /adblocking/custom_files/ folder with all user customizable files such as the custom_hosts_list.txt
  • ec reintroduced sub menu option: Edit the email config file. This option is also available in the rs function
  • emails now support a "friendly router name", set a unique router name in ec
  • el now has a sort and verify function for the white and blacklist
  • updating the blocking file now removes lines with non standard alphanumeric characters and lines with IP to IP mapping (
  • AB-Solution now writes the /jffs/shared-AB-whitelist for other scripts to use.
    This list is updated weekly with the blocking file update and whenever the whitelist is edited.
    This file includes the whitelist.txt and other domains required for AB to work.
    In return, AB-Solution uses every other /jffs/shared-*-whitelist it finds and whitelists these domains.
    See here for more details.
  • sf now also shows all shared-*-whitelists and all files in the custom_files folder
  • all email messages now have unified FROM and SUBJECT lines and attached files have the same name format
  • when ps install fails, options are now presented how to continue
  • the pixslserv-tls start script now includes a wait function for when the ps IP address is not yet available
  • AB-Solution User Interface startup is now faster
  • Bug-fixes and improvements

Use cu to update to this latest version.

To discuss this new version visit the Small Net Builder Forum thread.

Minor pixelserv-tls related updates

June 5 2017
Some minor changes have been made to the main script and the pixelserv-tls.add addon file.
See this post for changes. Use 1233 in the AB UI to update the files, there is no version change.

ab-solution.sh: Added $0 positional parameter for ps start script verbose output in services-start *)
pixelserv-tls.add: Added path and filename as positional parameter for ps start script verbose output
pixelserv-tls.add: When updating or upgrading Entware packages, a new pixelserv-tls start file is written and pixelserv-tls is restarted.
This is to prevent future problems should Entware overwrite the AB-generated start script

*) See this post how to take advantage of this change.


Entware package pixelserv-tls update

June 4 2017
pixelserv-tls version v35.HZ12.Kj is now available in the Entware package repository.
Please read instructions in this post how to successfully update.

In short, the steps to successfully update pixelserv-tls from version Ki to Kj:

  1. in the ps menu select '6. Manage Entware packages'
  2. use either option '4. update and upgrade pixelserv' or '6. update and upgrade installed packages' to update/upgrade the Entware package(s)
  3. turn off and back on ad-blocking, using the a option
  4. in the ps menu, select '4. Purge generated pixelserv certificates' and confirm to purge the old certificates
  5. Step 4 is mandatory if you updated to pixelserv-tls version Kj
  6. check if all went well by looking at the stats page: http://pixelservip/servstats where pixelservip is the IP address that pixelserv is listening on

Website moved to a new server

June 3 2017
This website has been moved to a new, more responsive server.

AB-Solution 3.8 released

AB-Solution 3.8.1 released

May 25 2017
update-hosts.add version 3.8.2 is now available.

Changelog update-hosts.add v3.8.2:
- adds auto-whitelist support for @redhat27's iblocklist-loader.sh and ya-malware-block scripts.sh
- auto-whitelists domains used in the above scripts to use full potential of them

Use 12 or cu to update to this latest addon version.

Please run u once to manually update the blocking file and auto-whitelist the domains used in the newly supported script(s).


April 24 2017
This is a minor update to correct errors and add functionality and checks for external scripts.

Changelog version 3.8.1 (the UI will still show 3.8):

pixelserv-tls.add: Added option to purge auto-generated pixelserv-tls certificates. This is necessary with the coming update of pixelserv version Kj.
Run ps option 4 after the update to version Kj.

pixelserv-tls.add and main script: Now correctly reports an error when pixelserv-tls fails to start.

functions.add: Colors in f option 1 for blocked domains, Custom hosts list added to sf file viewer if present.

update-hosts.add: Removes domains used in Privacy-Filter and Malware-Filter scripts by @swetoast from the blocking file.

Note for users of @swetoast's Privacy-Filter and/or Malware-Filter:
After the update, run u once for the domains to be removed in the blocking file, the next update of the filter lists will then correctly report the filtered IP's in ipset.
If you do not run u manually, the weekly scheduled blocking file update will do this automatically.
The removal of Malware-Filter domains is more of a precaution as StevenBlack's hosts file may block legitimate domains.

log-stats.add and rotate-logs.add remain at version number 3.8 with this update.

Use cu to update to this latest version.

Share your story and discuss this new version in the SmallNetBuilder Forum thread.


AB-Solution 3.8 released

April 5 2017
I am pleased to announce the release of AB-Solution 3.8.
This release is mainly focused on improvements in the user experience, additional checks and performance improvements.

Use cu to update to this latest version.


Highlights of version 3.8

  • Detects and corrects paths when device(s) name(s) changes
  • Additional checks for router firmware capability for AB-Solution services
  • New default addon file: functions.add, less used functions moved to this file
  • Auto adds ab-solution to system PATH if Entware is installed (start AB-Solution with ab-solution from anywhere)

Router stats rs:

  • Gmail address no longer required, send as email works with almost every email provider
  • Reworked email as attachment, now displays properly in iOS devices
  • Stats top x values range increased from 30 to 40 (35, 40)
  • Better aligned stats, less cluttered
  • Keeps an updated list of client names

Blocking file b:

  • Changed composition of blocking files, StevenBlack's hosts file includes some
    of the other hosts files. This reduces download and processing time.
    (only comes into effect when blocking file is changed or reselected in b)
  • Added three addinional update hours: 8:00, 10:00 and 12:00 a.m.

White and Blacklist el:

  • Deleted whitelist entry re-adds domain back to blocking file
  • Syslog messages when adding or removing domains

Follow the logfile f:

  • Quitting following logfile now returns to AB-Solution menu
  • Trace by domain and IP, experimental function,
    new way to find out what to whitelist or blacklist

AB-Solution info s:

  • Now shows start options

Show file content sf:

  • New sub menu, show file content of AB-Solution and related files

Asuswrt-Merlin Firmware notification fn:

  • New sub menu: Send new Asuswrt-Merlin firmware version notification email.
    This only works with Asuswrt-Merlin greater than 380.65.
    Notification email uses same credentials as the stats email.

Theme colors ct:

  • Selected theme colors are now used throughout AB-Solution
  • Theme selection now shows all used colors in theme to instantly see which one works best with your SSH client.
  • Additional theme: high_contrast

Remove AB-Solution rm:

  • Removing AB-Solution now also works with installed pixelserv-tls
  • Creates backup of all used jffs/scripts files

And many more bug fixes and small improvements.

I'd like to give special thanks to the v3.8 beta team from the SmallNetBuilder Forum, helping me with ideas, fixes and suggestions:
@elorimer, @tomsk, @visortgw, @Wutikorn and @Xentrk

Share your story and discuss this new version in the SmallNetBuilder Forum thread.


AB-Solution 3.6.5 released

Addons updated

February 24 2017
Updates for two addon files are now available with the cu option.

  • log-stats.add v3.6.5.1: Stats number separation changed to international format (100,000 instead of 100'000)
    Same Domains with dots and dashes are now counted correctly (e.g. home.earthlink.net and home-earthlink.net)
  • update-hosts.add v3.6.5.1: Domains of hosts files in use are removed if found in blocking file. It was reported that the mahakala.is hosts file blocks the hosts-file.net domain.
  • Both files: Timeout for external file download increased, several users reported failed downloads.


First Anniversary

February 15 2017
One year ago, on February 15 2016, AB-Solution 1.0 came out.

This was the first release under this name, after a short beta period.

AB-Solution is now 365 days old.
As a first Anniversary Edition, and to celebrate one year of coding for this project, I have decided to name the latest release version 3.6.5.


Highlights of version 3.6.5

  • New look, the User Interface (UI) is slicker and packed with more info's
  • Completely reworked router stats functions in a new menu: rs
  • Better and more detailed stats, now includes local client names
  • More granular white-listing of domains.
    Domains added to the whitelist are no longer wildcard removed
  • Improved white- and blacklist Editor, with helpful suggestions and info
  • Router check function rc to find out if router settings interfere with AB-Solution
  • Experimental settings for experienced users
  • Show scheduled jobs in cron
  • More infos about installed Entware packages in ps
  • Much better memory handling when the blocking file updates weekly or manually with u
  • Two additional blocking files to choose in b, two extra hosts files were added
  • And many more small improvements


Enjoy it and see the Install section for more details.

Share your story and discuss this new version in the SmallNetBuilder Forum thread.