Installing AB-Solution

curl -O && sh

Copy and paste the above command into your SSH Terminal, then hit Enter.


This command will download the latest Version and start the installer.

Enter i into the What do you want to do? field to start the install routine.

From there, it's just a few steps until AB-Solution is installed on your router.

All AB-Solution options are explained in the manual.

Complete AB-Solution install explained

Installing AB-Solution is fairly simple.
After pasting the curl install command above into the terminal, hit the Enter key.


This downloads the latest AB-Solution version and starts up the install screen.

First, set the theme colors that work best with your SSH client.
A white and black background are shown in the examples below.


Type i and hit Enter to start the installation.


Enter 1 to continue with the installation.


A basic check of your router is performed, such as firmware compatibility, /jffs/ partition settings and settings in the router Web-UI pertaining to AB-Solution. Your internet connection is also tested, AB-Solution cannot perform an install without it.

Some modifications will be done to ensure AB-Solution will work on your router. These are shown if any of them needed adjusting. If not, the device selection screen is shown.


Select the device to install AB-Solution on. In this screenshot, I have two compatible formatted partitions on one USB Stick, labelled 'absolution' and 'entware'. I use them for the respective installs.

You can safely install everything on the same device, AB-Solution has it's own folder and file structure and does not interfere with other things you may have on the install device.


A basic read/write test is performed on the selected device to ensure it's fit for the installation.

I selected device 1, type 1 to confirm the device selection.


Next, you are asked to select which blocking file type to use. Read it carefully and make your choice. The blocking file type can be changed at any time later. The larger the blocking file, the more ads are blocked.

A whitelist and blacklist is available to edit with the el option to fine-tune your specific blocking needs.
Whitelist entries are removed from the blocking file while blacklist entries are separately added from the blocking file to dnsmasq to be blocked.

During initial install, 5 preset blocking file types are available. An additional preset type and a custom file type are available once installation is completed.


Select what day and time the blocking file auto-updates. If you select 1, the day and time can be set manually. This can also be changed after installation in the b blocking file option.


Next, select Dnsmasq logging to be enabled or not. Logging is not required for ad-blocking to work but you will not see the counted ads in the UI and the current and weekly stats functions will not be available when set to disabled. You can enable or disable logging at any time later, gaining or loosing other services AB-Solution provides.


Acknowledge the fair use deal.


The blocking file is now created, using the blocking file type you selected earlier. It downloads the preset hosts files from the original download URL.

To do this, the addon file update-hosts.add is downloaded and integrated into AB-Solution. A second addon file is downloaded at the same time, rotate-logs.add. This file is used to rotate the log files daily at 5:20 in the morning when logging is enabled.

The hosts files are stripped to the bare minimum, duplicates and whitelist entries are removed, sorted and combined and then saved as 'blocking_file'.

Backups of the downloaded hosts files are made in the background, to be used in future updates if the download URL times out or fails otherwise.


While assembling the hosts files into the blocking file, progress and process time is shown in verbose mode.

If all went well, AB-Solution install complete is presented.

AB-Solution reloads itself, checking all settings and files before starting the UI.


Done AB-Solution install

Always use e to exit AB-Solution. The exit check makes sure it can work error free in the background.

How to use AB-Solution is covered in the Use section.